2002: Harry Edwards, then Director for Oakland Parks and Recreation proposed that Feather River Camp be closed. Judi Marquardt-Norris, longtime camper, and Jill Rose, director of Camp It Up! began individually to talk with City Council members about the importance of keeping the camp open. Judi and Jill met and began to work together. A number of City Council members suggested that they might think about operating the camp.

2003: Harry Edwards again proposed that the camp be closed. A group of campers got together and formed an action group to work to keep the camp open. Terry Cullinane, a member of that group, became very active in that process. Terry, Judi, and Jill decided to form a non-profit organization to begin operating the camp. Camps in Common was born.

When the City suddenly pulled out on June 5th of 2003, CIC was named FRC Operators – effective immediately! The task before CIC was daunting, but with the assistance of the FRC staff, city employees, and a group of helpful campers, CIC pulled it out.

2004: Judi, Jill and Terry shared tasks and spent many weeks that summer up at camp.

2005: CIC began long-range planning, putting administrative plans in place, such as soliciting a Board of Directors and setting up systems of operations in line with the By-Laws of the organization. Judi stepped down. Jill continued as a board member. Terry became the Executive Director. Board members Nate Miley, Christopher Brown, Katrina Brekke-Miesner, and Lily Myers Kaplan stepped in to serve on the Board.

2005 – 2007: CIC proceeded with Terry taking on the roles of both Executive Director & Camp Manager. Camp attendance grew and infrastructure issues surfaced.

2007: CIC worked with the City to contribute much needed funding for a new septic system and to bring the water treatment operations up to Health Department Regulations. The issues were addressed, the City pitched in with funds, and major infrastructure improvements were completed. At the end of the 2007 camp season Terry resigned both positions and Board member Lily Kaplan stepped in as Interim Executive Director.

CURRENTLY: CIC has begun to forge a longer-term contract with the City and is compiling an assessment of the requirements of Plumas County Health Department and Plumas National Forest Service along with the myriad infrastructure needs of the facility to present to the City of Oakland. The funds required to bring the facility up to certification standards is daunting, though CIC is forging ahead with long range plans to address these issues.

CIC is currently in the process of expanding the Board of Directors, clarifying the mission and vision of the organization, and setting standards in place to solidify a smoothly running organization. CIC anticipates continued challenges and envisions continued growth and learning. CIC is focused on creating vital programs serving youth and families, and underserved populations. Goals are currently being set that include sufficient staffing with a pre-season training program to support the camp staff and to create a fun and respectful team-approach to camp.

CIC is currently able to pay only one full time, year-round staff member to do the job of three or four. The Friends of Feather River Camp is re-born to step in with hands and hearts to support their beloved Feather River Camp! CIC moves forward – with a renewed commitment and a refreshed team to ‘run the next leg of the relay’ and move forward in the next stage of its own evolution. CIC extends deeply felt gratitude to the Friends for their energy and for their care and support!!

November of 2008: Ballot measure AA will be presented to the public. Measure AA will allocate funds to various Parks & Recreation programs. CIC is beginning a process requesting inclusion on that ballot. At the appropriate time CIC will request letters and/or petitions sent to the City Council to support Feather River Camp as part of Measure AA.